Any and all fundraising that the PAC sponsors at the school is for the direct benefit of the school and its students.

Our past fundraising projects have helped pay for:

  • a new playground for the younger grades
  • trees and the installation beside the playground
  • purchasing a kiln for Pottery projects
  • purchasing of the Lhana Dune learning circle
  • purchasing of kitchen stove to give classes an opportunity to bake
  • supporting the Garden Club
  • sponsoring events like Legomania, Terry Fox Run Treat

Current, Ongoing and Completed Fundraisers in 2021/22

QSP Magazine Fundraiser (Order Deadline December 10, 2021)

Save on Foods Gift Cards (Ongoing)

Purdy’s Winter Fundraiser (Completed)

Colibri (Completed)

Created by Kids Class Fundraiser (Completed)

Growing Smiles Holiday Plants (Completed)