Gaga Ball Instructions

Les Règles de Gaga Ball
– At the beginning, every player must be touching the wall
– One person throws the ball up in the air and allows it to bounce three times
– When the ball bounces, all the players shout “Ga” each time
– After the third time the ball has bounced, the game has officially begun
– Players then hit the ball with open hands (they cannot grab, throw, scoop, or punch the ball)
– If the ball touches you below the waist, you are out of the game
– If you “double touch” the ball, you are out (“Double touch” means you can’t touch it twice in a row.)
– If you hit the ball out of the pit and it does not touch any player, you are out
– If you hit another player above the waist, you are out
– If you are out and you catch a ball that a player accidentally hits out of the pit (without touching anyone), you are back in the game
– If you are out you can lean over the side and try to hit the ball at a player, if you hit them below the waist, you are in, and they are out.
– The last player in the pit who has not been hit is the winner
– If you are playing a variation, agree as a group before beginning play