Hot Lunch

Hot lunch ordering is done online by

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Students have the opportunity to purchase hot lunch that has been ordered from various restaurants in town. *This lunch program is optional*

Pre-ordering: students are required to pre-order their lunches. You do not have to order, you can participate in the hot lunch that appeals to your child, it is up to you.

Deadline: Sorry no late orders!! Late orders CANNOT be accepted, as the suppliers require our orders 7-10 days in advance.

If your child is not in attendance on the day of the hot lunch, their lunch can be picked up at the school office the next day. If they are NOT picked up by the following day, they will be disposed of. No refunds will be processed.

If the school or a class is cancelled unexpectedly parents and guardians can pick up the student’s order outside the school from 12-1 pm. No refunds will be provided for orders not picked up as the school has limited storage space.

Cutlery not provided. In order to reduce waste we do not ask restaurants to provide cutlery so please send with the student on the day of the Hot Lunch if needed.