LDB PAC Fund Grade 3 Swimming Lessons

At last nights meeting PAC voted to fund swimming lessons for Grade 3 students and the students who are part of the split class. Details are still being worked out but Divisions 8, 9 and 10 with parent/guardian approval could be starting lessons in May 2023.

A number of schools in the district have an annual tradition of sending grade 3 students for swimming lessons as it is their last year of primary division.

How it works:
– Swimming lessons would be twice a week.
– Either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thursday.
– Lessons are 30 minutes long with a 30 minute fun swim afterwards.
– Students will be walking to the Aquatic Centre.
– Students will be put in the appropriate lesson level by their instructors on the first day of lessons based on their swimming skills.

For a more detailed look at how the program works here is a PDF from the city: