Fresh to You fundraiser also online! Order via your Hot Lunches account until October 21st.

Fresh to You is a fundraising initiative for schools that are currently enrolled in the BC School Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional Program (BCSFVNP). Schools participating in Fresh to You receive bundles of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables to sell to family and friends as a fundraiser. 

See you at the PAC meeting tomorrow!

Hot lunch ordering open!

The hot lunches for October, November and December are online. Please review our website’s hot lunch tab for information.

Colibri snack bag fundraiser ends tomorrow, Sept 26th!

Your child’s ARTWORK needed!

PAC is changing the banner on our website. Do you want to see your child’s artwork as part of our page? We are accepting submissions of artwork that incorporate the school mascot (bear), spirit and theme. Look for new artwork on a regular basis! We look forward to seeing your child’s ideas and sharing them with our school community. Submit artwork to the PAC mailbox in the office or electronically by email.

Colibri pamphlets out today! Online ordering begins tomorrow, Sept 17! Ends Sept 26!

PAC meeting September 10 @ 6:30 in the library

It’s almost September 4th! And that means….

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Watch for the Colibri fundraiser 17th-30th September.

Canada made reusable snack bags in 12 cute designs. Help the environment and support your school! Each year Colibri helps schools all across Canada by encouraging families to pack a litterless lunch. With 12 designs to choose from, we know your child will find some they love!

PAC sponsored lunch: Pizza and Popsicles

Let’s celebrate the end of an awesome school year! Tomorrow, June 25, the PAC is buying the students and staff lunch! Pizza and a popsicle will be provided including gluten and dairy free pizza options. Cheese pizza will be the vegetarian option.  PAC wishes you a safe and happy summer!

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