Teacher Funding Requests

The PAC will usually fund:

1. Extra Curricular activities that impact groups of students outside of a classroom. Examples include pottery club, Legomania, etc.

Why? Gaming funds are specifically granted to us for this purpose.

2. Sporting groups

(eg basketball and volleyball) up to $100 for combined boys and girls club for season-end party (usually pizza and drink, etc.)

Why? Typically these activities are run by volunteers and these clubs have no other avenue for fundraising.

The PAC does not usually fund:

1. Funding for individual classroom activities.

Why? Classrooms have the ability to fundraise themselves through movie nights.

Fundraising by the PAC is contributed to by all students, so to fund only one classroom isn’t a fair distribution of funds.  Furthermore, the PAC has recently started to run one special fundraiser for this purpose! The funds are then disbursed to the classrooms only (divisions, not additional learning resource groups) for the sole purpose of classroom resources.

2. Transportation costs.

Why?  Transportation costs vary from classroom to classroom.  Teachers are able to fundraise independently of PAC for transportation costs as above.

3.  Learning tools, aids, etc. that require School District 57 authorization.

Why? Any learning tool, aid, etc. that requires School District 57 input, authorization and/or discussion that directly impacts a student’s immediate learning environment and/or affects the classroom environment is outside the scope of the PAC.

● The PAC is open to assisting specific fundraisers for specific causes with support from the benefiting group. School District 57 has imposed restrictions on flowing cash through the school’s accounts because of taxation and other implications.  As a result, the PAC will gladly assist in collecting, depositing and then disbursing the proceeds of these fundraisers.

● Spending of Gaming funds is guided by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch. The PAC will follow the most current, published guidelines for these expenditures. 


Does your request fall within these guidelines?                                                                                     Yes       No

Have you cleared this request with the Principal?                                                                                Yes       No

Will your request be submitted 3 business days prior to the PAC meeting?                         Yes       No

If you have answered yes to all 3 of these questions please provide details of your request as this allows a full discussion for the PAC membership as our funds are limited.   Please include:

  1.  what the purpose of your funding request is for (eg Legomania).
  2. How much funding are you requesting?
  3. How will your funding be spent?  (eg. admissions)
  4. Does your funding request fall within BC Gaming Guidelines? (see guidelines, section 10)
  5. What are the benefits for/to the students